Unnecessary Truths

I’ve got a confession to make, but if you’ve been paying close attention then it’s a pretty obvious one. I’m a serial monogamist! Not the jump from guy to guy and fall in love over the course of two weeks kind of serial, but more like the very limited quantity over a very extended period of time type of monogamist.

No lie, I’ve spent the majority of my teens and 20’s in two long-term relationships. I was cuffed with bachelor number one from the tender age of 14 until 19 officially. We dibbled and dabbled when I was 20, but that situationship was pretty much over before it got a chance to start. Then, I linked up with ole bae from the legal drinking age of 21 until a few weeks before my 27th birthday.

So if my barely there math skills are correct, that means I spent 11 years of my 27 here on earth in relationships with someone else. It’s crazy when I think about it, but hey, the heart wants what it wants when it wants it.

Why does any of that matter you ask? I don’t know. Lol! I just wanted to provide a little background to show just how inexperienced I am in this dating game. I’m so unfamiliar with the casual dating scene, and that makes this ‘serial dating’ lifestyle I’m trying to implement all the more challenging. I’ve found myself looking for initiative and consistency in guys, two tall tale signs of things taking a turn down a more serious lane and that’s no good. I’m trying to take a different approach to dating and only time will tell how that works out for me.

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