Spilling the Tea

Believe it or not, I’m a neat freak. Like almost OCD kind of neat freak. So, it’s no wonder that everything from Health to Finance, Social and Photography has its own unique folder on my iPhone. When it came time for me to go on this “special project,” it was only right for me to make a folder for it. SP (special project) contains all of the apps related to my new journey.  Beople, Soul Swipe, Tinder (don’t worry, I’ll explain why I had to ditch Meld a little later on) and Google Voice (there’ll be a dating app commandments explaining why this app is a major key as well) are the contents of said folder and they all serve a different purpose. Wanna know more about my decision to stick with each app? Keep on reading!

Beople aka Dark aka Bae was the first app I found online when I googled dating apps for African-Americans. One of my favorite things about Beople is that because it’s connected to your FB account (don’t worry, your TL isn’t riddled with dating related updates), you can see if you have mutual friends with potential baes. If you’re anything like me that’s a plus because you can just ask your friend about whoever the person is to get a little background on their character, find out if they’re crazy or have a bunch of baby mama drama. There was this one guy that was super cute and had similar interests as me (you can also see those b/c of your FB connection) BUT he was friends with a bunch of scamming dudes I knew from around the way. Don’t judge me, I wound up curving him. Not solely because of his friendships with credit card scamming fuccbois but because of the strange responses he’d left on his profile.

But back to Beople, one of my least favorite things about my most favorite app of all the ones I’ve tried so far, is the notifications. Unless you’re checking Beople like most people check Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, then you’re gonna miss out on likes, winks and messages until you open the app. I think it’s cool because you wind up not looking too pressed by seeing notifications and replying instantly. That said, if you’re anything like me and take a few days to check it, you could be missing out on a possible connection.

Another thing that irks my soul about Beople is that there’s no in app feature that regulates who accesses your profile. Guys from half way around the world can see your profile and message you. If I say that I’m only interested in conversing with guys that are between the ages of 25-35 and are a maximum of 50 miles away, why in the hell would I wanna talk to some 45-year-old from Indonesia, Ethiopia or even Missouri? Maybe it’s me being too picky or whatever, but sir! If I let you know what I’m looking for and you don’t meet those requirements, do us both a favor and swipe my ass to the left.

Lastly, the guys on Beople are kind of hit or miss. If you recall an earlier post, I mentioned guys with crazy bios and they all came from Beople. There’s no limit to the shenanigans I came across. Don’t believe me? I’ll insert a screenshot here just so you can see how out of the world it gets. blog screenshot

Crazy right? Lol. Despite the weirdos I came across, I met a few cool guys on Beople. There’s one or two that I follow on social media and speak to kinda regularly. Even crazier, one guy actually went to the same college and is close friends with one of my besties. Small world, right?

Now that I’ve spent an eternity dishing on my most favorite app, let’s get into the others. If your attention span is telling you to run, don’t worry, the other descriptions aren’t going to be as detailed.

Next up, Soul Swipe. I’ve found that Soul Swipe is the most popular out of all three dating apps. Everybody and they (yes, they not their) mama is on Soul Swipe. I came across so many profiles of guys that I knew from high school, college, hell, I even saw one of my exes (hey, you if you’re reading this). LMAO! That said, I love the fact that Soul Swipe searches for matches based on your location. Another thing that I like about Soul Swipe is that the guys there are generally fine AF. I know I sound shallow as hell, but hey, I’m being honest. LOL.

The only thing I don’t like about Soul Swipe is the fact that you won’t know if someone likes you until you like them and that sucks. You get a notification saying someone likes you but it doesn’t say who and that’s like a tease. Like maybe I skipped over a guy’s profile without giving him a thorough look or something. *sigh. Kanye shrug*  Unlike Beople, who pretty much lets anyone contact you, Soul Swipe is on some ‘I like you. You like me, so we should chat’ kind thing.

On to my least favorite app of all…there’s Meld. It was promoted as an app for serious professionals, blah, blah, blah. It connects via LinkedIn with hopes that those with careers will sign up, but what I found was that guy’s with careers like , “Rap Label CEO” and “Doing Me” were all up and through Meld. No shade to guys pursuing careers in entrepreneurship and music, but I was over the “questionable” career fields and the less than attractive (sue me, here I go being vain again) guys on Meld so I had to let it go. ALSO! Meld gave basic functions to users who didn’t pay and Lord knows, I wasn’t tryna pay for an app when I got even better features and more appealing suitors for the low low aka free.99.

And then there’s Tinder. I hardly ever use Tinder.  It’s more of a “racially diverse” group, if that’s your thing. Me personally, I’m more interested in dating someone who has a similar cultural background so I was a little skeptical. Another reason why I’m not checking for Tinder is because it’s another app that offered better features with pay and like I said before, I ain’t got time for that.

Now that yall have a gist of what each app is about, are yall ready to learn the different kinds of guys I’ve met??

Until next time,

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