Oh snap!

This week’s post was set to dish on the dating app commandments you MUST abide by to flourish online BUT life had other plans for us. Don’t be too mad, this delay is for a good reason. Ya girl recently confirmed her first date off of Soul Swipe (which has quickly taken over as my primary app) and I figured that tea was worth spilling with the rest of my Young Baes out there.

I know, I know, I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. Y’all are probably wondering how the hell I went from not finding a guy I’d considered “dateable” last week (see this post)  to securing my first official date a few days later, so let me get right to it.

Literally the day after I wrote last week’s post (talk about irony) I liked this guy, who I’ll refer to as… hmm… I’ll refer to him as 007 (yes, that’s a completely unrelated James Bond reference but whatever). As soon as I swiped right, I was surprised to find that we were a match. We wound up having some light, fun conversations via Soul Swipe before he asked for my number. He texted me the same day and we conversed twice over three or four days(don’t quote me on that). Basic talks about our favorite foods(I’m convinced my interest in food has been so helpful w/ the guys I’ve met but that’s for another post), random interests, careers and hobbies were as far as our conversations had gone.

He seemed like a cool guy and judging from what I’d seen from him on social, he didn’t come across as a lunatic, a weirdo or even worse, married/in a relationship. With all of those things in his favor, accepting his invitation to link up was a no brainer for me. I mean, he met some important qualities on my IBM List (you’d have to have seen Something New to get that reference) so I figured why the hell not.

Since this is A: my first, first date in seven years and B: a blog chronicling my TRUE experience, I figured it would be dope to include you guys along the way.  While I won’t be able to take you guys on the actual date (I’m not that much of a narcissist), I thought it would be bomb for y’all to get ready with me (all my YouTube beauty/fashion mavens know what I’m talking about) via social media. I’m not going to leave the date details here because that would be doing the entire most. I decided that I’m going to hop on the live feature of the social network of my choice (probably IG, possibly FB) as I beat my face and get dressed. So, if you’re interested in that foolery, make sure you follow us on IG and FB. It’s going to be a surprise kind of thing (part of me is still hella bashful and unprepared for a big turnout. A lot of ppl may not follow on social but man, traffic is heavy for a blog not even a month old) so I’m dropping the deets the day of the actual date.

I know it seems like I’m mad hype for this date but honestly, truly (hello, Joanne the Scammer), I’m more excited about having stuff to talk to you guys about than the actual date itself (no shade to 007, he seems dope).

Speaking of being excited to talk to y’all, have any of you Young Baes out there gone on dates with someone you’ve met either online or through dating apps? I’d love to hear about your experience(s) so feel free to flood the comment section with all the tea (minus anything that could result in a cease and desist) and shade (in the event that there is any).

Until next time,

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