Second time’s a charm

So, guys. I’ve been a little naughty. I did something without informing you all because I didn’t want it to be too premature and end up a flop BUT you’ll all be thrilled to know that me, YB, I’ve officially gone on my first date.

Thanks so much for your applause!

I decided to keep this one under wraps because I’d be damned if I get dressed and ready to go somewhere only to end up getting stood up again. No, sir! No, ma’am! This girl is on a consistent level of “yeah, okay cool,” until I’m given a reason to feel otherwise from here on out.

So, about this date… 007 and I bumped into each other at a day party I went to on Independence Day. Wait, I’ve got to interrupt here to inform you all of a practice of mine that I failed to live up to. I never, ever, ever, ever post the location of where I am when I’m there. I generally post it when I leave, just as a form of precaution. When your Instagram is public, like mine, you never know who’s seen your location and what they want to do with knowing where you are (yes, I know I’ve seen way too many LifeTime movies & First 48 episodes).

But back to the task at hand. 007 saw that I was at said party and texted me asking what I was doing (knowing damn well he saw and liked my picture on IG) and we wound up bumping into each other. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because he realized I wasn’t a catfish or maybe he was into the brief convo we had, whatever the case, one of the first things he said to me upon our meeting was “I know, I know, I owe you a date.” Me being the nonchalant, “never let ’em see you sweat” kind of heathen that I am, I was like “oh, ok, cool. Sure whenever.” We hung out for a bit but almost as soon as I left, he was texting me like “I really wanna see you again,”  so I was like “Yeah, sure. Let me know when and where.” We eventually secured a time and place and our date was set.

The day of the actual date arrived and it was the personification of Murphy’s Law. Whatever could go wrong leading up to me going on the actual date did go wrong. Despite a few minor setbacks, I ended up getting to the restaurant a few minutes before our scheduled time. I texted 007 to let him know that I’d made it and he let me know that he was still en route. Initially I was annoyed because it’s like “so not only did you flop on the first date, but you have the nerve to show up late to the second date when I live further away than you do?” But then I had to remind myself of how trash the MTA and LIRR has been lately so I decided to cut him some slack. I got a drink and waited (while I texted my sister and bestie) for about 10 minutes before he approached me. First things first, he smelled so damn good. I was so into whatever the heck he was wearing that I decided to cut him some slack. Instead of being shady about him being late, I decided to give him some extra brownie points for remembering my love for all things tacos and tequila when making the suggestion for the date.

We had a three-hour conversation about everything from college, to financial literacy, health and wellness and even trap music over shrimp tacos and frozen margaritas. I was really into the conversation BUT I must admit I felt a little awkward. I have this weird self-depreciating thing going on with me lately where I just can’t take compliments? I feel like I’m super regular and average so to have people act like I’m a big deal feels so strange to me.He was so complimentary that it made me uncomfortable. Whenever I’d answer questions or make random statements, he’d look super pleased and tell me how smart I was and it just made me feel weird. It wasn’t like he was just doing the “oh I’m gonna say whatever’s necessary to get them pannie drawls” so that made it even more uncomfortable. I’d say thank you and laugh it off but over time I felt a little anxiety building so I had to tell him like ‘yo, you’re making me mad uncomfortable with all that. Chill.” We laughed it off and he made an attempt to catch himself before hitting me with the “You’re so dope. A lot of people your age don’t have the similar insights,” kinda deal (he’s only 3 years older than me if you were wondering). He tried to play it off by nodding his head and acting like he was literally keeping score of every good answer I’d given him but the compliments ceased right along with my anxiety over it.

After dinner he walked with me to the train station (it was in the opposite direction of where he was headed) and we continued to talk. I was telling him about how familiar I was with another area in the town we were in and he was like “okay, cool. You get to pick where we go next time,” and I’m like “Next time? Who said there’s going to be a next time?” LOL! He replied back, “Me walking with you to the train station says there’s going to be a next time,” and we both got a good laugh at that. We waited around for a few minutes before ending the night with a hug and a request for me to hit him up when I got home and that was it.

My first, first date in 7 years turned out to be pretty cool. I enjoyed talking to 007 and I look forward to linking up with him again. I thought I would be nervous but the conversation flowed really well. We had a lot of things in common and he had a really laid back personality. I’m sure we probably would’ve wound up talking for much longer if the LIRR wasn’t so backed up but thank God I left when I did or my 44 minute trip would turned into a 74 minute one courtesy of construction and summertime track work.

Although my first date was what I would consider a success, I’m still looking forward to getting to know other people and see what this casual dating life is all about.

Until next time,

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