A Moment of Honesty

I’ve got another secret to share! Well if you follow The Young & The Baeless on IG then it’s not really a secret but whatevs. I went on another date (my second to be exact) with 007 and I had a blast. We linked up at a Thai restaurant in my favorite borough a few days before my birthday and he came bearing gifts. Not for my birthday, but from a recent trip he took with his friends. I was super shocked and had to give him a huge hug! We caught up over dinner and drinks (non-alcoholic ones for me b/c I had a crazy few days) and everything was great. Well everything was great until I decided that whatever was going on between 007 and I would have to take place in the friendzone. Yep, I friendzoned 007 and I can’t really explain why.

It’s not like he’s done anything wrong (since basically standing me up on our first date), it just feels like something is missing. When I see or speak to him I’m just like “OMG hey, friend!” not like “Damn, that’s bae.” It’s just like there’s a spark, some sort of connection or passion that’s non existent when it comes to him. We’ve talked a lot over the last few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed speaking to him, but I just don’t see it for us on a romantic tip. He’s handsome, funny and has a really great personality but I don’t get those heart racing, stomach tightening physical reactions when it comes to him. It makes me wonder what’s up? Are we just not compatible on a romantic level or am I doing too much and thinking too hard. In all of my personal experience, whenever there’s someone I’m remotely interested in I feel it deep down in my soul. I may not act on it or even want to acknowledge it but I always know what capacity I want or would like to deal with someone on and I draw blanks when it comes to 007.

Whatever the case, I don’t think there’s much to worry about when it comes to my current situation with him. When we had the “what are you looking for” convo, I was very open about my decision to make friends, date around and see if anything possibly progresses and he seemed okay with that. I still plan on seeing and hanging out with him from time to time so who knows, maybe things can blossom but I doubt it.

Until next time,

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