Honesty’s the best policy

This post comes as a request from a very special YB reader. Truthfully, if she didn’t mention how the last post encouraged her to take a stand in her personal life, I probably would’ve held off a little longer before bringing this to you all BUT ya know me. When the people make a request, I’ve got to deliver.

So… there’s this guy that I’ve been conversing with and I must admit that I’m kind of smitten. Let me stop downplaying it… I like him. It’s weird for me because this is the first time that I’ve actually “liked” someone throughout this entire Young Baeless experience. Even when it came to guys like 007 or Paisley, I was always like “he seems nice. We have okay conversations. Let’s see what happens.” I was never into them off top and that frightens me a little because with this guy, it’s different. A lot different.

We met on Soul Swipe and have been doing a lot of talking lately. He’s been a gentleman the entire time. Hitting me up consistently, not being inappropriate, doing more than just “WYD” me to death, complimenting me in ways that feel make me comfortable, just being his fine ass self.

And that’s where the problem comes in. I can’t decide if I really like this guy, or if I’m into him because he’s cute AF, gives me his undivided attention and he… he… never mind. Y’all would judge me way too much if y’all knew what I was getting at. But yeah, he just seems dope and fun and cute and I’m just here for it.

Since this is a blog chronicling my dating experience and my dear friend called me out for skimping on the deets, I thought I’d be doing us all a disservice by not being truthful with my new developments. I mean, who knows? I could be speaking hella premature. I could literally wake up tomorrow and he could ghost me just like I did 007 (there will be a post detailing that soon). I could meet up with him and find out that he’s a creep who supports misogyny and thinks Donald Trump is the man. That said, I just want to keep my expectations at a minimum. In my world, low expectations=no room for disappointment.

The real problem is me. I’m really in tune with my feelings and when I feel, I feel DEEP, chile. No matter what kind of walls or barriers I try to put up to prevent me from falling head over heels in lust, like or love, it just happens because it’s apparently my favorite form of self-torture or something (that was a bad attempt at sarcasm. but LOL if you caught it). With that in mind, I plan to take things easy with this new guy. I’ll reveal the made up name I gave him in an upcoming post, in the event that things progress.

Well would you look at that. New guy just hit me up so I’ve got to go! Wait no, I’m gonna chill and reply in like 15 mins. Don’t wanna seem too pressed, right? LOL. See this is my thought process, I swear I’m always doing the ENTIRE most. I’ll be back with updates regarding this new guy as soon as they’re available or as soon as I’m comfortable sharing, whichever comes first.

Until next time,

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