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I’ve got a story to tell, but first I have to insert a little message/editor’s note/disclaimer. I view all of my Young Baes as more than just readers and supporters. You guys and gals are my friends and accountability partners so to speak. Y’all check me when I’m MIA and call me out when I’m doing the most, so I’m going to need a little class participation to let me know if I’m bugging or not.

So… 007. You know the guy that stood me up on our first date, rescheduled and had two dates with before I decided to friendzone him? Yeah, well that’s who this post is about. I decided to cut communication with him completely. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple. He does very small things that IRK my nerves.

Case in point, he’ll hit me up first thing in the morning and I’ll reply within a timely manner. Y’all… Can you believe that this man has the nerve not to hit me back until the next day? Now, now. I’m not pressed to converse with him on the daily, but I think it’s rude and extremely inconsiderate to constantly interrupt someone’s life and take an extremely long time to reply. I get it, you work, you have a life, whatever the case, just don’t hit me up without the intent of actually taking part in the conversation you initiated.

Strike two, he’s hella boring. He’s a really nice guy. Bubbly personality, borderline cheesy. Outgoing. BUT he can’t hold a conversation to save via text his life. The two times we linked for dinner and drinks, he was cool. The convo flowed but man when it comes to text? Boy, bye! In the odd event that we have a text exchange that lasts past two messages, the majority of his would be wyd, wyd, wyd, wyd. Like sir, I’m doing the same exact thing I told you I was doing when you asked me five times ago.

Lastly, and this is no fault of his. He’s short AF. Like shorter than me short. Normally I wouldn’t hold his height against him but it’s like bro, you’re not tall enough or even interesting enough to give me such a headache. If I’m going to be annoyed by someone at least let it be by someone I don’t have to look down on when I hug them. Shady and shallow, I know. I just feel like I’m not going to be bothered by someone I’m just trying to maintain a friendship with so I’ve ghosted him. He’s hit me up about five or six times over the last four weeks and I have ignored every single message he’s sent.

So now, here comes the class participation. Let me know if I’m being too hard on 007. Should I cut him some slack and reply or leave him at the curb where I’ve already kicked him?

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve got some news to share. One of my wannabe match making friends set me up on a blind date. Technically it’s not a blind date because I’ve met the guy before but it was years ago and I don’t remember much about him besides his name and how I know him. We’re supposed to be linking up within the new few weeks so be expecting a post on that as soon as it happens.

Until next time,

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