Don’t Do That

Disclaimer: This post will be dishing on my experience with marijuana infused edible snacks so if you’re anti-drug use… please feel free to check out my next post because this one probably isn’t the post for you.

Now, we can get started with the rest of you druggies. LOL. JK. Judging from the disclaimer you all should be able to guess that I dibble and dabble in the world of “edibles.” I tried smoking weed a few times and it just wasn’t my thing.

Over the holiday season, I was introduced to two separate sets of edibles that made me a huge fan. Fast forward to present day, enjoying edibles with some of my most favorite people is one of my favorite past times.

While THC, a chemical compound in cannabis, makes me a little more laid back and reserved, it also gives me the giggles. Like laugh when I’m sitting alone in the dark giggles. Sitting at a bar by yourself, biting the insides your cheeks because you don’t want people to think you’re crazy kind of giggles. And that’s exactly what happened when I went on my first date with Cross.

ALSO! I guess now is a fine a time as any to mention that the guy that I talked about liking previously is Cross. Yup, he’s the foolio I’m checking for. It’s interesting to see how things kinda shifted between us but there’ll be more on that in a later post.

Now back to the task at hand… Hours before my date with Cross I found the remains of an edible I copped earlier in the week and decided it was the perfect time to take it. WHY, OH, WHYYYY did I do that? Initially I felt fine. My face was beat to perfection, my bun was as perfect as I was gonna get it for the night so I just assumed that I was good. WRONG.

Going on a first date under the influence of edibles was one of the best and worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was way more laid back, super talkative and I literally laughed at just about everything we talked about whether it was funny or not. Also, I’m not sure if this is everyone’s high experience or not, but man. Whenever I have edibles it’s like a freaking sensory overload. Like walking around with chills and I can feel each and every piece of fabric that covers my skin kind of overload. Normally I’d be cool but this time it was weird because this man kept finding the strangest excuses to touch me. Not in an inappropriate or unwelcome way. It was little things like touching my wrists, grabbing my hands to look at my nails, poking a fake dimple that I have on my face whenever I smile too hard, those kinds of things.

I can’t front. Being high took away from any nervous energy or anxiety that usually comes from going on a first date. Especially when the person you’re supposed to be meeting is late AF (don’t worry, I’ll leave the link to the date tea here incase you missed it). It also made things flow a little easier for me. Everyone I meet debates me on this but I swear I’m socially awkward AF. While the people I meet tell me I’m crazy and seem hella social, I have the strangest feelings about initial meetings so being high was like the remedy to that.

Cross and I talked about edibles previously and when he finally arrived, I let him know that he was lucky I was high or else I would’ve left because who has time to be waiting on someone? I know I don’t.

Another weird thing about being high on my date was that every single time he looked me in my eyes I either laughed or blushed. Not because I was smitten (even though I kinda am) but because it’s weird as hell having someone staring into your soul when you’re high. I even told him like “bro, whatever you’re looking for in my eyes, you’re not going to find it. At least not while I’m high anyway.”

But yeah, that pretty much wraps up my first date under the influence spiel.Would I do it again? Nah. Well no. I probably would BUT I would make sure I have a smaller portion that way I’d be nice but not high AF.

Oh yeah, please note that I may or may not have been under the influence of edibles writing this.

Until next time,

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