That one time…

Merry October, lovelies! I’ve been living la vida loca for the last few days and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all that’s gone down. No worries though, it’s been all good/fun developments on the rise so it’s been LIT AF.

I went on my first day with Cross last week. If you checked out my last post then you’re well aware of the fact that I was under the influence of an edible and I’m torn in between deciding if it was the best or the worst experience of my life. While I talked about my experience being high, I didn’t provide too much info on the actual date. So here we are!


First things first. Before we officially met in person I knew that I liked Cross so by the time I actually met him I was like oh snapppp! But wait let me not get ahead of myself. The story of how we actually linked up is all over the place. He’d been talking about seeing me for a few days, but his availability was pretty sketchy. With that in mind, I just made the decision to make myself available over the course of few days and told him to make use of the time I’d provided. Unfortunately for him, he chose otherwise and his problem began there.

Initially, I was equally interested in meeting him, but once he played around with the wiggle room I provided to link up, I had to fall back like OD. Whenever he’d press me about linking with him, I’d curve him. “Well, I made myself available to you ABC day at XYZ time and I’m not sure when I’ll have that kind of availability again” kind of curve. Sure, it was a stretch and a bold face lie on most occasions, but he ain’t have to know all that. LOL.

After a few days of him hounding me to meet up, I decided that I was down. I suggested a local bar near me and we secured a time. It was a night that I was on the clock, so I had my MacBook in tow with me as I headed to meet him. I told him that I was on my way to the date and he assured me that he’d be there in 15 mins. I was cool with that because I live closer than he does.

Since I was high, I was in a really bright, bubbly mood so I didn’t pay too much attention to his tardiness UNTIL the 15 minute mark passed. I order a Patron Margarita to kill time and called my best friend so I wouldn’t seem like a weirdo in a bar all by myself.  Once I got off the phone with her, I started texting one of my other friends when Cross finally hit me up. He asked me to call him, but I couldn’t hear because it was karaoke night in the bar we were linking at. By that time, he was almost 45 mins late and I was over it. I told him that if he wasn’t here within the next 10 mins I was leaving and that would just be it. Fortunately for him and me, I guess, he arrived before then.

My first thought was: “Wow he’s fine but way more light skinned than I thought.” I was happy to find that it was the person I saw in all of his Soul Swipe/IG pics and he smelled like heaven. He wore a cute outfit that didn’t cause too many concerns about his style (dudes fashion sense be a lil’ zesty these days). Once I got finished checking him out, he hugged me and I told him that he was lucky I was in a good mood (aka that I was high) or else he definitely would’ve gotten cursed out. The waitress came over to where we were and asked me if I was closing out my tab and a light bulb went off in my head. I was like “wait, actually, since he wanted to waste my time, he’s going to pay for my margaritas (side note: anybody from Long Island peep how Canz downsized their margarita glasses?) and whatever else I’m drinking for the night.” He laughed off my fake annoyance and agreed.

We kept the conversation pretty light. We’d done a lot of talking before we actually got to meet so I felt pretty comfortable around him. One thing that I noticed almost immediately was that as comfortable as I was, he was really guarded. I’d ask questions and he’d answer with short, vague responses with nooo context at all. I took that as a sign to switch up the tone of the conversation. I started making jokes about him being late and he was literally cracking up like I told the funniest jokes in the world.

Things did manage to get a little awkward though. It had just hit midnight and news broke that Hugh Hefner died (RIP). Since I was technically still on the clock, I was responsible for reporting it. I had to pull out my MacBook + crooked grandma glasses in a bar full of drunk people singing karaoke just to get my job done. He was pretty cool with it and like most people, he was interested in what I did. I showed him a few posts that I wrote for several publications around the web and that was pretty much it.

Our chemistry was strong AF like enough to scare you strong. He didn’t make it any better because he kept gazing into my eyes like he was trying to snatch my soul. He said that he picks up on people’s vibes based on the stories their eyes tell. To add a little comic relief into the tenseness of him gawking at me I joked, “bro, whatever you’re looking for in my eyes, you’re not going to find it. At least not while I’m high anyway.” He laughed at my foolery once again and that helped relieve the tension that I was feeling.

He was super affectionate and very touchy. He’d reach out and touch my wrist (I asked if this was some kind of Ray Charles attempt to see if I was ugly or something), grab my hands to check out my nails, touch the side of my face when he “claimed” something was on it and poked the side of my cheeks that turn into faux dimples when I laugh too hard. I was super into it.

I saw a guy friend that I knew from around my way and had to say hi. When he told me he was with a couple of friends from the town, I was like “OMG I have to say hi.” Besides the fact that I really wanted to go speak, I thought now would be the perfect time to see how he handled me having guy friends. There are some guys that act super weird when a girl has platonic male friends so I wanted to peep out his vibe. He passed the test with flying colors because he was cool AF about it. He said what’s up and gave my friend dap before I went to see the others. When I got back he didn’t seem bothered by my brief departure so that was even better.

As the night drew to an end, I decided that I’d let him drive me home since I’d taken an Uber there. He didn’t give me serial murder/rapist vibes from him. So he lead me to his car (it was super nice btw) and opened the door for me to get in. Aww how sweet right?

The 5-10 mins it took to get to my house flew by and before I knew it it was time to go. He asked if I needed him to walk me to the front door and I was like “nah, bro, I’m good,” after a hug to end the night. I told him to get home safely and that I’d hope to speak to him soon.

To my surprise, he wound up calling me and we stayed on the phone for a few hours. He mentioned having a really great time with me and being open to hanging out with me again and soon. I agreed and that was the end… for that night anyway.

So all in all, my date with Cross was bomb as hell. I’ve been talking to him consistently and have seen him once since our first date. I’m sure you all will be glad to know that things between Cross and I are going really well. BUT… there’s always a but, right? There’s one red flag. I’m not going to share it right now because I’m still doing some investigating, but when I come to a consensus and figure out WTF I’m going to do about it (if I decide to even do anything at all), y’all will be the first to know.

Until next time,

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  1. Ok okk.. If the date was trash and hewas just okay looking, i would have had to say next because 45 minutes late… Tuh lol but he gets a pass for now {major side eye at the brewing tea lol} i’m following this story of course (wendy williams voice)

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