Hold Up!

So… I finally got a response from Cross. Since I’m not a complete immature jerk, I won’t post an identical copy of his reply but I’ll give a loose interpretation. Basically, he said he was stunned to see my text and that he’s not going to reach out anymore. He tried to excuse his lack of a reply with being sick and medicating HOWEVER we all know this man was on his phone all on my IG so whatever. He closed with mentioning how genuine he’d been over the course of whatever it was we had going on, throwing a little shade about me PMSing and having the nerve to ask me not to reply. Y’all know me, or you should by now… Y’all know damn well I replied. My reply you ask? “You don’t get it because if you did, you’d see that I’m making a sound assertion regardless of my current state. However, I really hope your health improves.” His ass just hit me with a simple “Ok.” And that’s it. Much to my dismay, the YB chapter of Cross is officially closed.

I like him and I’m sad it didn’t work out BUT I can’t help but be annoyed though. It’s like good sir, you took almost a full 24 hours to reply to a message when you were hitting me back non-stop before the question was asked? I’m just irritated that he really thinks I’m bugging when he’s literally done the bare minimum in terms of taking the initiative. I’m not sure what he’s use to dealing with but there’s no way someone who wants to be MY man/boyfriend/significant companion/WHATEVER is going to be pulling disappearing acts. You can say you’re into me, pour your heart out everyday, but what do you  do to prove it with your actions? Like sir, when was the last time I saw you? You’re supposed to want to see and speak to me? Even if you’re not cool with one form of communication, that’s fine. Just make sure you pick whichever one works best for you and make that OUR thing? I’m 28-years-old. What time do I have to play around with someone that gets offended by doing the BARE minimum at the BEGINNING. You’re supposed to have on your best face in the beginning. But enough of that, I could sit here for days going on and on but none of that matters anymore… especially since it’s over and done with now.

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