Take Your ‘Ls In Stride

So… Cross and I are done. Crap, I know you all were so excited about how well things were progressing and probably had really high hopes for his fine light skinned ass but I guess he had other plans.

Things between us were up and down all week long. Huge progress mixed with RIDICULOUS set backs and I was literally exhausted. You can’t tell me that you want to be in a relationship with me, don’t want me dating or entertaining other guys when you’re not showing and proving to me that you A- plan to be around for the long haul B- aren’t exhibiting qualities of someone that I’d wanna be with for the long haul.

The nail in the coffin came from a conversation we had today. I asked him how he felt about whatever it is we had going on and he just straight up didn’t answer. Like as of this moment I still don’t have a reply. So I sent him the following message:

Well I’m gonna take your silence as an answer. Truthfully, I feel like I’m way too emotionally invested in whatever this is and I don’t feel like it’s being reciprocated so I think it’ll be in my best interest to fall back.

He didn’t reply BUT he took his happy ass on Instagram and looked at my IG story. Like TF? How, Sway? Once I peeped his view that let me know that he’d seen my message and straight up chose to ignore it and I’m not here for that kind of blatant disrespect.

I’m a super prideful person so you already know him curving and practically ghosting me injured TF out of my pride. I’m not gonna sit here and act like it didn’t hurt my feelings especially when I was so open with him and to the possibility of whatever was happening with him. I would be telling a bold face lie if I said him not replying didn’t sting a LOT BUT I’m not about to be all in my feelings about it either. I had a moment or two when I toyed with the idea of being petty but I quickly got myself together. Like WTF would being petty do besides make me look even more stupid than I do already? Like I told my home girl B, “I got played. My feelings are hurt, but I’mma take my L in stride.”

There’s no point in crying over spilled milk and there damn sure ain’t no use in wasting tears over anyone who lacks the common courtesy to reply to someone they supposedly felt so strongly for that dealing with all of these new strong feelings caused them great stress. I deleted his number out of my contacts along with our text thread and pictures I had of us together. I was tempted to unfollow him on IG too but I felt like that was petty to actually go to his profile and press unfollow BUT the next time I see him on my TL he’s gone. LOL.

So yep that’s where things end with Cross.

Until next time,

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