Guess Who’s Bizzack!

So we’re just going to bypass the formalities and get right into it. I’ve been MIA because…I’ve pretty much lost my interest in dating. That’s just it. I’ve gone invisible on all of my dating apps and I’m probably going to stay that way for a while.

Although I’ve pressed pause on that end, there’s some action brewing for ya girl. There are three guys that I’m entertaining at the present moment…and when I say entertaining, I mean just that. Very basic, text, DM only conversations. I’ve got two dates lined up for March, but we’ll get into that as I share more about each guy.

Guy one…He’s the guy I mentioned in this post. We met a few years ago, linked up on social and he slid in my DMs. Yeah, that guy. Let’s just call this guy… Carrot Top or CT for short. CT and I text every now and then. He’s funny. Seems very straight laced and mannerable. The only problem is I’m not really physically attracted to him. He’s not my type at all physically. I don’t really have a type (besides swearing off light skinned dudes for reasons like Cross) so it’s weird. He’s not ugly or anything. I don’t know maybe I just have to see what’s up when I finally see him in person. We tried to set up a date but our schedules conflicted. When things open up, we’ll probably link up and I’ll have tons of tea to spill on it.

Next up…guy two… We’ll call him… Teddy. Teddy is someone that followed me on Instagram a while ago. We had a lot of mutual followers from my alma mater (Old West, wass poppin!) so I didn’t think too much of it. He slid in my DMs and eventually got my number. We have pretty cool conversations BUT, because there’s always a but, there’s some red flags with Teddy.

First up, I’m a terrible texter. I swear serial dating has made me this way BUT he’s just as bad as I am. I feel like we have good chemistry but things would probably progress more if we talked more? BUT I’m kind of happy that things are moving slowly because… Y’all saw what the foolery that ensued when great texting chemistry meets physical chemistry (HELLO Cross!) so I don’t mind pumping my breaks.

The other red flag is a HUGE one! I think he has a kid… Kids are a huge no no for me. Call me crazy, ridiculous, whatever you’d like, but I’ve seen some of the craziest, most ridiculous baby mama drama up close and personal and I’m not on that kind of time at all.

But back to Teddy and his possible baby… He posted a kid on his IG the other day.┬áNot like a 1 or 2-year-old but an infant child. Like under 6-months-old infant child. I tried to gauge the energy of the comments to determine if it was his or not but I came up empty handed. Only time will tell what will happen here because I literally don’t have a second to waste on anyone with a child, especially a child young enough to still be celebrating monthly milestones.

Our next and final contestant is bachelor number three, we’ll call him Curve because I really wanted to curve him. In my earlier YB days I made a post about a gentleman who refused to ask me out, but insist that I come chill with him. He’s actually the guy in the screenshot here.

Anywho, Curve would randomly slide in the DMs when I’d post new selfies and we had casual conversation. He was still on his “so are we ever going to see each other,” and I got kind of annoyed so I hit him with “you seem like you could use some assistance so lemme help you out some… would you like to meet me at ABC restaurant on XYZ date at EFG time? They have really great QRS and I’m a huge fan of TUV.” Truthfully, I thought he’d be offended and be like “nah, actually I’m good.” WRONG! We wound up setting a date and time and it’s coming up soon. I’ll be sure to keep you guys and gals in the loop with how it goes. I’ve got a gut feeling that I’m going to be even more annoyed in person than I am with him online and through text, but who knows.

And that brings me here! It’s been a while so I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Consistently writing about your lackluster love life and all it entails can be a little draining at times, but I feel like this blog is more than just a platform for me to vent my frustrations. Like minded single guys and gals come here and connect with my ridiculousness. People realize that it’s not just them running into crazies left and right. And with all of my friends and family down my back for more content, I’ve got no choice but to get back to it. The weather should be warming up soon, you never really know with New York, but in the event that it does, I’ll be a lot more likely to be out on the town than I am when it’s snowing and brick AF outside. But anywho…

Until next time,

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