Y’all Won’t Believe This!

Okay so boom! I’m back with another post because I’ve got another update for you guys!

I finally found out what happened with CT. He ghosted me! Yup, my karma for ghosting 007 and others like him… I swear it has to be. But anywho, after him canceling our date and not replying to my check up message, I peeped my IG follower count was looking a little sus. Would you believed he unfollowed me and BLOCKED me so that I’d unfollow him?

I think it’s hilarious that he went to that far of an extreme when he could’ve easily communicated whatever issue led him to cancel, curve and block me or even better… he could’ve left me TF alone to begin with.

I don’t get what’s up with these dudes. You go out of your way to initiate something with me, seem receptive enough to invite me somewhere and then you disappear off the face of the earth? I died laughing when I realized he’d blocked me, but then I got annoyed. Like I’m not sure what your life is like, but I don’t have time to waste initiating things with people and disappearing out of the clear blue sky when I’m the one that’s expressing the most interest.

I try took look at everything as a blessing or a lesson and in this instance his ghosting me was a blessing. If he’s unable to communicate an issue, in the event that there was one I was unaware of, then that’s not someone I’m interested in entertaining anyway. I know it sounds juvenile AF, but this is just another reason on the lengthy list of why I steer clear of men with light skinned and light eyes. They’re THE DEVIL, word to the mom from The Water Boy!

It’s almost time for my date with Curve so I should probably be getting ready. I’ll be back with more on that later this week.

Until next time,


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