The Jokes Continue…

Tonight was the night…the night that proved, once again, my life is literally one big joke. I swear I say it enough that I hope you all are starting to believe me.

Okay, so boom! After discovering the hoopla surrounding CT, I got dressed and headed out for my date with Curve. According to the last text conversation we had about our date, we’d be linking at this Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn at 6. We must have somehow gotten our wires crossed aka he definitely told a lie and forgot, because when I hit him up telling him my ETA, he told me that he thought we’d scheduled for 7.

Normally I’d trip about having to wait an hour, but since I was in Atlantic Terminal Mall, I figured I could get a little shopping done while I waited. It was an ideal situation for me because the mall is literally a 5-10 minute walk away from the restaurant.

So I shopped around until 6:45 and decided to call an Uber (shoutout to NYC b/c LI doesn’t have Uber Pool). I figured that I’d probably get there a little late b/c the restaurant’s on a really busy street and it was peak rush hour. Because of my work schedule and the fact that I’m a decent human being, I always try to be prompt. I hardly ever have time to do anything because of my work schedule (I literally work mon-sun) so when I do I like to maximize the little time that I have.

After my Uber Pool pulled up with three people sitting in the back and one in the front, I decided that I’d just hop in a taxi. I pulled up to the restaurant in  a new shirt (I didn’t really like the one that I picked out) and new Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC because why TF not at  exactly 7:00 PM.

Once I arrived, I grabbed a seat by the hostess and waited for 15 mins before I shot him a “hey, I’m here but won’t be if you’re not here by 7:20” text. He told me he’d be there in 10 and I joked about coming all the way from Long Island, going shopping and still ending up there before him. He hit me with a few excuses and offered a few ideas on how he’d make it up to me. Me being the sarcastic foolio that I am, I kept my foot on his neck and wouldn’t let up.

As he’s dishing on ways to make up for his late antics, I told him to keep ’em. Only people who respect my time get certain kinds of privileges. He goes on and on about how he’s going to make it up and that’s he’s close, but traffic had him hemmed up. I sympathize and let him know I understand how bad traffic is, but I also know what it means to take the necessary precautions to be somewhere on time.

Once I let him know that his 10 mins was up 5 mins ago, he goes on to inform me that he’s looking for parking. After about 35 minutes of waiting, Curve finally makes his way to the restaurant. First impression? He’s short AF! I was wearing booties with a chunky heel so I was a few inches taller and that made me WAY taller than him. I was really surprised by his height because he looked so big in his pics, but I guess guys know their best angles as well. LOL.

Once we were seated he hit me with a few apologies and I decided to give him a hard time. Not too hard, but just being a jokester. I told him he had at least another 35 mins of late jokes until I was over it and he thought that was hysterical. He legit said that because he’s Haitian being on time isn’t something he was capable of. I was like like “oh really, so all jokes about Haitian men apply to you? What about the ones that say they’re all trash and cheaters?” He laughed again.

Dinner convo was cool. He’s a veteran of the United States Marines so we talked a lot about our opinions on the military and politics. He was taken by my stance and revelation that while I applaud anyone with enough courage to enlist and serve, I would never encourage any minority, specifically African-Americans, to join this great nation’s military. Once I explained my belief that based on the history Black people in the United States and the way we’re treated the moment we take off our uniforms, I didn’t find it wise for us to sacrifice our lives for the US. He told me that he’d never thought about it that way, and while I made really good points, he saw the military as a way to work smarter and not harder. After being deployed to Afghanistan, he moved up the ranks and was proud of his progress. It was cool.

While dinner convo was cool, I peeped a few things about his character that reinforced the notion that this would more like than not be our first and last date. Three girls walked in the restaurant and were seated near us and this man’s eyes popped out of his head. Now, I’m no hater and I’m always willing to show love to a pretty girl when I see one, BUT I think it’s kinda inappropriate to check out other women while you’re on a date. There’s a huge difference in taking quick glances at people on the low (there was this guy in the restaurant that looked just like Cross so I was definitely looking) and having wandering eyes.

Once the night came to a close, he paid the tab and we made our way out. He offered to drive me back to the train station, but I wasn’t with it. I told him I had a few stops to make nearby that it didn’t make sense for him to drive me. That wasn’t a complete lie. I stopped at Doughnut Plant to get some goodies for my sister and I, and it was literally two blocks up from the restaurant.

All in all, I’d say my date with Curve was cool BUT I think I’m going to take a chill pill on the dating scene. I just feel like I’m going to take a break until the weather warms up or until I meet someone I’m OD checking for, but I’ll get into that in another post.

Until next time,

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