Just Stop Looking For Love

Things might be at a standstill in the love department, but music has found a way, once again, to infiltrate another blog post. This time, Zayn (apparently he was a part of a boy group) and PartyNextDoor ‘s (he’s affiliated with Drake) single, “Still Got Time” is the topic of the day.

I was shopping a few weeks ago and heard this really cute song while I was in either Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. I used the Shazam feature on Snapchat (another huge saving grace) to figure out the scoop on the song and it’s been on repeat from there.

To be 100% honest, this song has served as inspiration and encouragement over the last few weeks. I don’t know what it is, but being single has started to weigh on my conscious. Normally I’m too preoccupied with things like stress from work, chasing behind an extremely terrible almost-two-year-old and most recently, celebrating admission into my dream graduate program to be in my feelings about a lack of companionship. HOWEVER I’ve found myself more aware of not being involved, and for the first time, ACTUALLY WANTING TO BE!

What’s so special about this song you ask? How about it starts with Zayn singing,

Just stop looking for love, girl you’ve still got time. Girl, you’re young and you still got time.

Seems like an ordinary message but it’s really been helpful on the days when I need a little boost. As optimistic of a person as I try to be, constantly running into dead ends is annoying and feels eerily close to rejection. I know 98% of the guys I’ve mentioned here aren’t worth the hassle of writing about, but like anything, going through enough lows over an extended period of time, can play on your confidence after a while.

I’m fully aware of the fact that that I’ll end up in a happy, healthy relationship with someone worthy BUT I’d be lying if I said I didn’t question it sometimes. The quality of men out there is frightening. Either they want to waste your time, only want your body, have a girlfriend/wife/gang of hoes they’re “talking to” or are just plain ole incompatible. I built this platform on being totally candid and transparent, so while there are things that I’d rather not share, this being one of them, it’s only right to be as truthful as I can about my experiences.

Maybe I’m bored? Maybe I’m lonely? Who knows! Whatever the case, this song has been a huge help in whatever rut I’m in at the current moment.

Until next time,


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