Everyone, meet Deuce!

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned wanting to take a break from dating and I did. Dating started to feel like too much of a pest and I got so annoyed even communicating with guys and it started to show in my interactions with the guys that I’d encountered. I knew it was time for me to take a break buttttt that break is ovaaaa and ya girl’s got some serious tea brewing this time.

I got back into the swing of things by signing into OkCupid. I met a couple of guys there. Good ones, annoying ones, creepy ones, you think it ? I’m sure I’ve chatted with them. One of the good guys, I met we can call him Deuce. Deuce and I matched and we had a pretty basic conversation. We spoke for a few days and he decided that he’d like to see me and asked me to select a place that would be cool to meet. He didn’t reply back to me for a few days so as we got closer to the official date I was a little concerned, like is he going to curve me the same way trifling ass CT did? My nerves went into overdrive when he sent me a “I’m working late but I really want to link up with you” text. I told him to hit me up whenever he was free and he did and we wound up linking up.

One of the first things I learned about Deuce was that he lied to me about his first name. I called him the name listed on his profile and he was like, “Well, actually my name is actually Deuce’ and I was like “wait, what?” According to him and one of my best friends in real life, I’m probably the only person using 100% honest information in their dating app bios.

I could tell that he was super tired and his energy was low so throughout our date I was just like “yo, I feel bad. You look exhausted and you have to work tomorrow. We can call it a night if you want” and he was very adamant about staying and getting to know me. The conversation was light… largely headed by me. My guess and my hope is that it’s because he was tired? If not we’ll be in trouble if we link again. After we finished our drinks, he invited me back to his house and we tried to watch something on TV, but like most people with cable providers know, there’s never anything to watch.

We wound up talking about life, our interests, our summer plans and excitement surrounding the premiere of the Starz seriesĀ Power. After chilling with him for a while and noticing how late it got, I decided that it was time to go.

So I’ve got a few concerns about Deuce. Number one, he’s clearly DTF and I’m not on that kind of time… not right now anyway. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or anything, but I could feel the vibe and if I would’ve initiated something, he most certainly would’ve been down. After two years of abstaining from sex, it definitely wasn’t going down that way. BUT I will admit that it was nice to have his attention.

He also seems like the type to WYD, WYD, WYD text you to death and I don’t have time for that. He even hit me with a “when you coming to see me” text and I don’t know how I feel about that. Instead of him inviting me on a date or asking me to come hang out, he phrased it that way. To me, that’s a huge sign of fucciboi tendencies but we shall see. After linking and going on a date with someone who took the lead (don’t worry there will be post on my escapades with Eminem in a follow up post), it’s hard to settle with someone not being direct and assertive.

Anywho, Deuce and I spoke once or twice since our date. He’s not giving me potential bae vibes but who knows what’ll happen.

Until next time,


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