Wassup… Wassup

It’s been a month of Sunday’s since I’ve been here sharing my ridiculous dating experiences, and while I’d love to kick off my return with an amazing update, that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

I’ve been laying pretty low, so low that I actually deleted all of my dating app profiles. Aside from just being exhausted from not meeting any worthwhile guys, I just needed a break. One of the biggest things that brought my online dating journey to a halt was the discovery of the Tinder Serial Killer.

For those unfamiliar this 27-year-old guy went on a date with a woman that lived a stone’s throw away from me, went back to her place and strangled her to death. She wasn’t his only victim. He’s rumored to have assaulted and/or killed several other women he’d met on Tinder and Plenty of Fish and was apprehended in the act of attempting to assault someone.

The reason this struck a cord with me is simple — he’s the guy I’d swipe right for. He’s around my age group, isn’t bad looking and lives in the NYC area. Seeing the story of his numerous assaults and the women he murdered really made me reconsider how I was moving. If Eminem or Deuce were as crazy as this dude, that could’ve so been me. Realizing how much I put my own safety at risk kind of scared me straight.

Even though I’m taking a break from dating apps, I’m still out here for the out here. I actually met someone recently. I’ll spill the beans on the newbie I’ve dubbed Ruby in a new post.

Until Next Time,

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