Blast From The Past

The only thing weirder than running into an ex for the first time in three years is running into an ex for the first time in three years when you’re under the influence of edibiles. That’s right… I ran into the one you all know as Ole Bae while in his city for a music festival a few months ago.

As a common courtesy to those unfamiliar of the dealings between Ole Bae & I… here’s a quick recap. We dated/lived together for several years. He moved to one of my favorite cities and we broke up a few days before our six year anniversary. The conversation happened via text seeing as he lived 200 miles away and I hadn’t seen him in like a month at the time.

Our split wasn’t messy. Looking back it was something really stupid that could have been resolved if we both offered each other a little more empathy and understanding, but that’s what happens when you’re super young and hella impulsive, like I was at the time. Despite our breakup, we ended on a cool note and maintained a pretty decent rapport… as far as I’ve always known… I mean he did provide me with the scoop on this post right here… So I always assumed we were cool. Friends, even. You know the kind of friends you don’t see/speak to in forever except when they look at your Instagram Story or see a tweet of yours has gone viral. Those kinds of friends.

Anywho. My god-brother/personal trainer (whenever I decide to hit the gym) headed to the Nation’s Capitol for Broccoli City Fest and we had a blast. From the moment we got to our Air BnB, we were flooding our respective Instagram Stories with obnoxious pics and videos of us getting ready for a night on the town. While beating my face and turning up to a random playlist I’d made on Tidal, we decided to crack open the CBD/THC/weed infused edible cookies he’d brought down and it was lit!

Anybody who knows anything about edibles knows that one thing is for certain: you get the MUNCHIES! Since I was familiar with the area from the years I spent on going back and forth visiting Ole Bae, I had a list of restaurants I had to hit to soothe the hunger I knew would surface after a few pulls on a vape pen and eating a small corner of a cookie. When we arrived at the restaurant, we decided to hit the bar because you always get faster service there. Once we got our drinks (mine was heaven in cocktail named the H-Street Hurricane) I took a quick boomerang and threw on the geo-tag with the restaurant’s name and location. After making a joke about how irresponsible it is to add your location to a social media post when you’re still at a place, I posted it anyway. We laughed for a few minutes and when I finally looked up from my phone, guess who TF I saw? OLE mother-effing BAE!

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. It was literally something out of the cheesy romantic comedies I’m obsessed with watching. He sat at the bar by himself with air pods in his ears and his eyes glued to his cellphone. I figured that he saw me because he literally had to walk right by me to get where he was seated. I didn’t know if he was being shy or if he seriously hadn’t seen me so I decided to be the bigger person and just text him. I hit him with a quick, “Hey,” and he replied, “What’s Good.” I told him to “look to your left,” and when he looked up and saw me, I waved. He got up from his seat and came over to where we were(which was literally like three seats down). I gave him a quick side hug and we exchanged greetings. I tried to do the introduction thing between him and my god-brother, but he said he remembered who he was.

Things got kind of awkward after that. I told him that I was in town for the festival and he said he figured that. A moment of silence passed and I broke it by asking about his mom and grandpa. After giving a generic update about how they were doing, I told him to tell them I said ‘Hi,’ and that was pretty much the end of it. He went back to his seat and that was the end of our encounter.

I never really gave much thought into what our first post-break up run-in would be like, but I was certain that it wouldn’t feel as strange as it turned out to. Maybe it was because I was under the influence of an edible and two 32 oz. hurricanes (my god-brother is a light weight so I had to drink his too)? Maybe it’s because running into exes is always weird? Maybe it’s because we’re not as “friendly” as I thought we were? Maybe it was just weird to me and regular to him? Whatever the case, I left that experience with my jaw to the floor because the way it all happened was one of the biggest coincidences I’ve ever experienced in my life.

And there you have it! That’s my tea on my blast from the past.

Until next time!


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