Who’s Ready to Do Some Podding?

As you all know, I was hella distracted this year and it shows by how little I posted over the last five months. Although I may have been out of sight, this blog was never out of mind.

Earlier this year, I appeared on a podcast hosted by my sister and two of her friends from high school. Over the course of SIBK The Podcast, I spilled some tea on what this blog is about and shared some insight into my experience on dating apps.

The hilarious conversation was filled with explicit language (charge it to the jamo + ginger) as I recapped several run-ins with the ghosts of the Young & the Baeless past. We also talked about domestic violence, ending friendships and what makes for a trash partner. I wish we had more time to delve a little deeper, but we made the best out of the 45-minutes we had.

Without further ado, check out The Young & The Baeless episode of SBIK The Podcast… (and one more thing…keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s*#t)…

Chatting with the SIBK crew rekindled my thoughts of creating a TYTB podcast. I’m still working through it… Since this is a collaborative environment, let me know what ‘chall think about the idea.

Until next time,

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