Dear No One,

“I’m done for now. So one for now. Possibly forever. We’ve had fun together. Like all good things we must come to an end…”

Hip-hop’s first official billionaire Jay-Z summed up the current status of our Young & Baeless journey on his classic single “Dear Summer.” Much like the Brooklyn bred emcee alluded to on the track, it’s time for our journey to come to an abrupt halt… but only temporarily.

It seemed as if the moment I mentioned my life hitting a steady rhythm in my re-introduction post, God decided to play a trick on me and shake things up in ways that I wasn’t even expecting. So I’m gonna fall back from posting until I get a handle on things.  I’m not giving up on dating or my quest for finding love, but I’m going to stop blogging about it.

Once I’m done uploading this post, I’m going to deactivate my Hinge profile. No worries, though. There may be a guy or two that I’m in the very early stages of getting to know. Don’t hold your breath though, you all know how fast things turn from hot to not for me.

I liken my departure to Tori Kelly’s song “Dear No One.” She talks about ending her decision of actively searching for love and letting it come when it’s supposed to and that’s where I feel like I am. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in a different space once I get my personal things together and will be back before we all know it. As of right now though, I doubt it.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you all (even the lurkers who get a kick out of the “perceived misery” you all associate with me being single) for taking this ride with me. Feel free to follow the blog’s social media channels Instagram- @theyoung.thebaeless Twitter- @young_baeless and Facebook- @theyoung.thebaeless to stay in touch… If you want to get to know the lady behind the blog, my personal IG is @jasmine_shaniece.

Until next time,

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