Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Backkk!

YERRRRRR!!!! Wassup, friends? Normally, I’d hop on and say that’s it’s been a month of Sunday’s but chileee it’s been years! I hope you all are feeling good and living better! While the world as we know it has changed (s|o to COVID-19 and a worldwide lockdown) my seemingly never-ending journey in singlehood has remained the same. Yay me!

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There have been so many updates I literally don’t know where to begin. In 2019, I took this blog and all its glory to Soundcloud for a short-lived podcast stint. I’m still not 100% sure if I’m completely done with it, but girl, that’s a story for another post.

I’ve obviously been dating in between the centuries since my last post, but it’s changed so much due to our current circumstances. While many people saw stay at-home orders as a means of isolation, other people, like me, took it as an incentive to find new friends online, specifically dating apps.

When things began to shut down in New York back in Feb-March 2020, I decided to occupy my time with some new pen pals that I linked with on Hinge. What was once my go-to app for the creme de la creme, Hinge has morphed into some foolery I didn’t even have a single second to waste on. BUTTT at the beginning of the quarantine it was where I met two potential suitors who we’ll call Valley and Rock.

Valley was a sweetheart. He was funny and upbeat and we had a lot of things in common. We easily transitioned from the app to Instagram and wound up exchanging phone numbers relatively quickly. We talked about our relationship experiences, future goals and just regular day-to-day stuff. He wound up asking for my address and sending me edible arrangements after a few weeks of talking and that was really special to me. In the middle of a global pandemic where people were forced to stay indoors, he was willing to send a kind gesture to let me, a stranger he’d met on the internet, know that he was serious about pursuing me. I was gassed and it seemed promising as the seasons changed from an usually cold spring to summer.

We wound up having cute socially-distant picnic and beach dates and it was lit! Things took a weird turn as the summer continued to progress, though. I noticed him becoming more distant and I fell back. Nightly calls and texts got shorter and eventually started coming in randomly. It seemed like things were over, over after my Flocktails & Flamingle birthday bash. He wished me a happy birthday via text and that was the last I’d heard from him. Once the texts and phone calls stopped coming in during August and September, I’d randomly get responses to my Instagram Stories posts or he’d send memes that I often had no interest in. I knew what time it was but it seemed like he was still trying to figure out where he stood with me.

He reached out to me recently, though. He said that he felt as though he ghosted me and wanted to offer an apology, but I assured him one wasn’t warranted. I noticed the change in the situation and I acted accordingly. He seemed surprised by my laidback response, but I mean, as much as I’m a hopeful romantic I’m a realist. I can see when someone’s interest in me changes (for whatever reason) and not take it personally. And that’s pretty much where we left off. He’ll engage w/ me on IG every now and then, but that’s as far as our communication goes and I’m cool with that.

Next up , there’s Rock. No worries. This is gonna be a quickie because that’s exactly what he was! We linked around the same time that I’d started getting to know Valley and it was cool. Off top, he was super flirtatious and complimentary, which instantly set off f**k buddy vibes in my mind. We wound up linking one night and my suspicions were pretty much confirmed. He was a cool guy, but I just didn’t see it for him after our initial link up. Much to my confusion, he started getting super clingy and possessive. It was the strangest thing to see. He’d call and he’d text but I was short and took a while to reply. Instead of being an adult and addressing the situation, I took the cowardly way out and just flat out stopped replying. I hid him from seeing my Instagram Stories b/c he was GLUED to it and eventually the calls and texts stopped coming in. He got the hint overtime and that was pretty much that. He added me on Clubhouse recently, much to my surprise, but I haven’t spoken to him in months.

And there you have it, baes (young and old). I think this is enough to get us back on track. I don’t wanna spill too much tea, especially considering the fact that I’ve been gone for so damn long! While I don’t have an editorial calendar/schedule just yet, you can expect a new post from me at least once a week. I give you my word, this time.

Until next time,

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