It Goes Down In The DM!

When it comes to social media, it’s the last place I expect to find men to date BUTTTTTT (because there’s always a but) things happen and I just roll with the punches. Case in point, TMB. If you know me IRL then I’m sure you’ve probably heard me talk about TMB (his real nickname would make it too hot so we’re stuck with this one).

One day, I randomly received six or seven likes from a page on Instagram that I wasn’t following and I was instantly annoyed like “Which fake page is harassing me now,” but to my pleasant surprise, there was a fine a** Black man sitting handsomely in the profile picture. When I say fine I mean like gorgeous! So gorgeous that I’d go on to nickname him (and save his number in my phone) as The Most Beautifulest (s|o to Keith Murray). He was average height, dark as night and had a straight, white smile that had me considering becoming a brace face. I was literally floored like “who tf is this fine ass man and what exactly does he want from me?”

After liking my pictures, he pressed follow. Not to seem too pressed, I gave it a few hours before I liked his most recent pictured and followed back. Things between TMB and I didn’t progress much from that until I noticed him viewing my Instagram Stories. If you can’t tell from my most recent posts, I’m a huge fan of Stories. I post multiple times daily and I get tons more engagement than I do on actual posts.

Anywho, after a few weeks seeing seeing him view my Stories and stalking his, I decided that now was the time! I needed to shoot my shot! So, shoot my shot it was what I did. He posted a selfie and I immediately replied with heart eye emojis.

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It swished! He replied and then he’d started leaving heart eye emojis whenever I’d post on my Stories. It sounds hella childish and trivial but whatever it was TMB so I was pressed AF. One night, he took our back and forth to new heights when he video called me through Instagram. We talked for a while and realized we had some thangs in common! His birthday is exactly one year and one day after mine, making us both leos! He was gearing up to close on his first home in Long Island (major brownie points because that’s where I’m from) and was a proud pet parent to two adorable puppies. IDK how but we wound up exchanging numbers and we’d talk and text every now and then.

We kept our digital dash going for about six months before he decided to link up with me. He was fresh off of work one night in early fall so we wound up going to a boardwalk where he used to live (he had closed and moved into his new house by now) and we had such a good time. We talked about shooting shots and I told him he was the first and only time I attempted to. He was flattered. He couldn’t stop smiling when I told him that I thought he was beautiful and told me it was the first time he’d ever heard someone say that about him. I was like TF? How? Sir, you’re gorgeous! He was flattered to say the least. The rest of the night went off without any issue and it seemed promising AF, but y’all know that nothing ever is in TYTB land. At the end of the night, we hugged (no kiss, no nada) and I told him that I’d hoped to see him again soon. He promised that we would and that it was… for a while.

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Calls and texts started coming in way more scattered. Stories views were still coming in, but I didn’t expect them not to. I knew what time it was, though. As much as I liked and was attracted to TMB, I was fully aware that he was on a different kind of time and that he clearly wasn’t as interested in me as I was in him. It wasn’t even that tough of a pill to swallow because I’ve reached the point in life, dating and love that I completely understand that I’m not entitled to anything but respect from anyone. Not their time, effort or anything else, and I can’t take it personally either. If a person isn’t interested in me the way that I am in them, or if they’re not pursuing me the way I want to be then that’s their problem, not mine.

Things with TMB are still up in the air. I’ll get a FaceTime every now and then. IG Stories reactions and dms still come in when I get fine, fine or post something funny. But I’m not tripping either way. I feel like if he decides that he wants to do more than what he is then he will, but I don’t see a point in making a big deal out of it. A man’s actions is a direct reflection of how feels about you. If a man is interested in you, you’ll know, and if he’s not, then you’ll have questions. It’s just that simple to me. I’m sure he’ll apply pressure if he decides that he wants to, only time will tell if I’ll be around/interested if/when that happens.

Until next time,

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