Hate her or love her, Sex in the City leading lady Carrie Bradshaw was right about one thing: “In New York, you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment.” While I won’t bore you with the woes of being a freelance writer, or scare you with the horrors of gentrification and the ridiculous cost of living in New York City, I’m more than willing to dish on my lackluster love life.

Days before celebrating our six-year anniversary, my ex (we’ll just refer to him as ‘ole bae’ for all intents and purposes) and I decided to bring our once cohabiting -turned-long distance relationship to an end. Nearly one-year later, I decided that I’d done enough self-reflection, gotten over MOST of the baggage (not all because there’s no way to get over six years worth of feelings in one year’s time) and realized that it was time for me to commit to dating again.

A series of recent conversations with various friends made me realize how much the dating game had changed in my absence. I mean, I met various guys over the course of being newly single, but I didn’t take anyone too seriously. I was way more interested in “doing my work” (in my most dramatic Iyanla Vanzant voice) than I was in igniting new flames. I won’t lie though, there was a guy or two that made me reconsider, but ultimately they proved to be dead ends just like everyone else (sorry not sorry).

I decided that instead of meeting guys in the traditional yet unsuccessful manner that I had been, maybe I should get with the technology wave and deep-sea dive into the world of downloadable dating apps. One quick Google search led me straight to Beople (formerly known as Dark), Soul Swipe and Meld. Each app was made specifically for People of Color (although I get random messages from “White Kings” looking for a woman that’s down with the swirl ( There’ll be more on that later) and met a different need so to speak.

And that ladies and gentlemen brings me here. I decided to chronicle my new experiences with a blog. I figured that if I was going to go so far outside of my comfort zone, I needed a place to document the shenanigans and hilarity that I just knew would ensue (and believe me there’s been plenty of both). Whether you’re judging me for riding the tech wave or tickled by my candidness, sit back, relax, and prepare for a wild sarcasm-riddled ride because that’s exactly what this will be.

Until next time,

One thought on “Salutations!

  1. Lol getting over 6 years worth of feelings in a year’s time.. girl I found a way!
    I wish you all the best in your dating; still waiting on that Harvard man to send your way, bae! Looking forward to the stories ❤

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