First Flop

If you’re reading this post expecting some serious tea about my date with 007, then you’re in for a major disappointment. To make a short story almost non-existent, the date never happened. I’m sure you’re all wondering why so let’s get into it.

I hadn’t spoken to 007 since we’d set our date so I wasn’t too sure that he’d even remembered. It had been a good four or five days since we got everything squared away and I know how easy it is to forget things (I’ve gotten so much better w/ that by actually utilizing the calendar app on my iPhone) so I decided to reach out just to see what was up on the day of the date. I noticed him watching my Instastories so I foolishly assumed that actively seeing me post would possibly be a reminder of the date he initiated BUT as I’ve learned in life, and most recently in online dating, you can never be too sure about anything.

But back to the task at hand… I live a good hour and 30 mins (when you factor in walking around Chelsea you can add an additional 10 or 15 mins) away from where we’d planned to have our date so I wanted to be sure before I A-went on Instagram live and sat through the GRWM that I’d promised in my previous post (shoutout to P for being my sole viewer) and B- before I hopped my ass on the pricey and always delayed LIRR for an hour long ride to Manhattan. I texted him around 2 PM, I thought that would be early enough in the afternoon that if it took him awhile to get back to me, I’d be good before catching my 6:00 train BUT you know how that ish goes.

He literally texted me three hours later (it was after 5PM) on some, “got called into work. let’s reschedule.” By then I had already gotten dressed, beat my face (in front of my one IG live viewer), slicked up my go-to bun and was just about ready to head to the train station. I’m not going to lie, I was annoyed AF. Like sir/bro/bruh/my guy, I’m quite aware that we just met and you don’t owe me a single thing BUT the least you could’ve done was hit me and informed me that you wouldn’t have been able to go when you found out that you had to work. The only reason I was even aware that he was unable to go was because I tried to cover my bases by reaching out to him and that had me judging TF out of him. Can you imagine how furious I would’ve been if I would’ve taken my ass to the Thai restaurant we’d agreed on only for him to pull a no call/no show?

The thing that pissed me off the most was the fact that one of my friends was celebrating her birthday at this popping brunch spot in Brooklyn (two of my favorite B words BTW) and I wound up declining her invitation because… you guessed it… my damn date with 007. The icing on the cake was the fact that there was literally no remorse for wasting my goddamn time. Like sir/bro/bruh/my guy, I could’ve been drunk off of a bottomless brunch special bussing a wine to my fave Afrobeat songs but no, I was stood up by a guy I met online.

It’s crazy because I wasn’t mad that I didn’t go on the date or that he even had to cancel. It was just a lack of consideration for my time that didn’t go over well with me. That brings me to a point I made in another post (when I figure out which one, I’ll link it here). Like am I doing the most by expecting ANYTHING from strangers I meet on the Internet? Maybe it’s just me and my upbringing but I was always taught that your word was your bond. You did what you said you would and you’d be wherever you said you would, but I know that those kinds of values are instilled in everyone. I feel so conflicted like should this even bother me? People get stood up everyday, B. It shouldn’t be a big deal but the only thing I hate more than wasting money ( I would’ve wasted $25  on the commute alone) is wasting my time. And that’s literally all that happened, but whatevs… On to the next I suppose.

I’ll be back with more shenanigans and possibly a guest post later on this week!

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “First Flop

    1. Thanks, Paula! I’m gonna keep on pushing, word to Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. LOL. I’m not too sure if he’s aware but I could see it causing some concern(s) if he was. Unfortunately for me, everyone’s not as big a fan of my transparency as you are. 😉


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